Descripció: Technology Experts
Localització: Canada
Localització: Montréal, Québec, Canada
Descripció: Globetwitter, rural devenu urbain
Edat: 30
Localització: Lyon
Descripció: Just a guy
Sobre: A guy who loves his family, and cycling
Descripció: A mix of articles, humor, weirdness etc.
Paraules Clau: articles, opinions, humor, weirdness
Sobre: A person living in a dusty western town. Little dogs and cats. A level of education, although lacking in different areas. Former CNA. Writer/Editor.
Descripció: industrial engineer / Photographer
Pàgina Personal:
Paraules Clau: Linux, Photography, video, editing
Sobre: I am an industrial engineer, photographer, system administrator, linux geek and free lance designer.
Descripció: ACAST is a precision casting company casting in metal steel iron alloys to customer specifications. We are equipped for sand casting & investment casting. Our Site :
Localització: New south wales, Australis
Ciutat Natal: Australia
Pàgina Personal:
Sobre: ACAST is a one stop shop specializes in investment casting and sand casting products. We are equipped to do machining, coatings, assembling & packaging. Acast provides sand casting and investment casting products to a range of industries such as engineering, agriculture, architectural, mining & transport. All castings are strictly manufactured to the customer`s specification and standards. We pride ourselves on being reliable, delivering on time, to specification and at the best price. Our Iron and Steel Casting foundry is located in Shandong China. Our offices are in Sydney Australia and service Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.
Localització: Greece